Word Bank Book (WBB)

Date:  Apr 25, 2013

Jay Jay has a “Word Bank Book”.

IMG 0990

This is a book where he will have to write down the words that he just learned.

IMG 0989

This is an good idea from the school.  Jay Jay now has to write compositions.  Teacher will give him a topic to write, and he has to write many sentences about the topic.  So, today topic is “My Adopted Pet”.  So, he wanted to write about his cat, Molly can “catch” lizard.  So, he asked me how to spell “catch” and “lizard”.  Then, he will first write it down into his Word Bank Book, and then, he start to refer to the word bank book to write his composition.

IMG 0988

You can tell the kid has grown up after two terms spent in the P1.  Good Job Jay Jay, keep up the good work!

IMG 0985

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