A Quick Look at His New Pencil Case

Date:  April 25, 2013

Previously, the pencil case has to be a gadget to the boy.

IMG 1004

For example, press a button, the pencil sharpener pops out.

IMG 1005

After 1.5 terms.  This pencil case has worn out.  Say good bye to the toy pencil case.

And say hello to the new pencil case.

IMG 1006

It’s much bigger, compact, and can put a lot of stuffs in there.

IMG 0986

It is still a cartoon, i.e. Angry Bird, pencil case.  But it is much better.

IMG 1007

Let’s see what he got in his pencil case.

Wow, a cute sharpener that can sharpen big and normal size pencils.

IMG 1009

A staples that no need to use much strength to staples 20 pages of papers.

IMG 1010

What is this?  A glue?

IMG 1011

All the color pencils are in the pencil case too.  WOW.

IMG 1012

Jay Jay now can accept to use a zip pencil case.

This shows that he has grown up.  Yeah!

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