Jay Jay & His First Piano Lesson

Date:  Apr 22, 2013

Jay Jay has been really free on monday.  His school homework is not that much, and thus, for the past few weeks, he has been watching TV or playing his Lego “the whole afternoon”.

There is a Piano at home.

So, I asked what he would like to do?  He says he want to learn Ping Pong.  Wow.  This is the first time I actually rejected that, because he has too much sports.  He is currently taking swimming, tennis, golf, badminton and Tae Kwondo.  So, I don’t want to let him learn Ping Pong, as I also know his reflects are not so fast, and sharp.  

Instead, I asked him whether he wants to learn Piano?  Since we have the Piano doing nothing at home.  

Mommy also advise saying that if you don’t learn piano at the age of 7, next time is very hard to pick up as your finger grows fatter.  HAHAHHAHAHA

Jay says OK!  He wants to learn Piano. 


So, I went to search for a tutor who can teach Jay Jay piano on http://www.yestuition.sg/

The next day, the agency sent me some resume.  I look at it and pick one.  It is $130 for a month for grade 1.

Actually it save a lot of times, as I don’t need to drive Jay to music school.  The tutor Ms. Tan can come over to our place to teach Jay.  And we have a Casio Digital Piano at home, it feels like a Piano, not too expensive.  So, it is also quite good.  Let’s see how it goes.

And today is Jay Jay’s first lesson.


Jay has been learning his violin and the music theory at Elite Music School @ Sultan Plaza there.  So, I guess he has some basic.  

My domestic helper took the video.  I have to work (actually I went golfing with customers).  So, when I get back I got to see the photos and videos.  It was great and I can see that Jay Jay is very focus learning it.  Here is the clips of Jay Jay first lesson.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/1Dqk6s2IRfw

Jay Jay, the next Chinese words I am going to teach is 文武双全


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