Handy Craft – Sail Ship

Date:  Mar 3, 2013

In the Maritime museum, there is this table where you can create your own sail ship.

IMG 7660

And wow.  The tickets we paid are not enough to subsidise the hand craft package.  You need to pay $5 for it.

IMG 7667

It is a pack of wooden sail ship kid, where you need to glue everything together to make a sail ship.

IMG 7668

The staffs there is very helpful and teaches the kid how to piece the sail ship together.

IMG 7663

Kay Kay also get the chance to make one too!

IMG 7665

Jay Jay loves to do these kind of hand crafting.  In fact, he loves to do and try anything new.

IMG 7671

Jay will then instruct the staff how he wanted the sail to be placed.

IMG 7677

Now, they have to wait for the glue to dry.

IMG 7680

Now, it is time to tie the strings together.

IMG 7683

And it is done!

IMG 7687

OK.  We will bring home both the sail ships and will color it later.

IMG 7674

Next time when you stop by the S.E.A Aquarium with your kids, don’t forget to stop by for a while and make a sail ship with your kids.

IMG 5168

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