Gadget – Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for New iPad/iPad3

Date:  Mar 3, 2013

It’s time to travel again.  This time, in my travel bag, I brought along my New iPad (the bigger iPad) instead of the iPad Mini.  Why?

IMG 7621

Because, I have bought myself this toy.  A Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for the New iPad.

IMG 7623

And I totally agree to the marketing tag line “It is the other half of your iPad”.  Indeed.  When you are not using as desktop mode, you simply click the magnetic onto the edge of iPad and you can cover it. The magnets at the side will turn off the iPad for you.

IMG 7624

Once it is closed.  It looks like this.  Yes, it is reasonably thin.

IMG 7626

This is the back of the iPad.

IMG 7625

And this is the other back of the keyboard.

IMG 7627

So, take the iPad out, and slot it into the holding area for the iPad.  And press a few keys, the bluetooth will be automatically turn on.  Which is quite cool.  If that’s not happening, then, simply press the on button at the side.  I put this on the bed, and watch a few movies too.  It is a great iPad stand.

The only thing that I feel it is a bit annoying is, even when you take the iPad out of the keyboard, within a certain proximity distance, it is still connected.  That means, your on screen keyboard will not show up until you turn off the bluetooth.  🙂

Is it good?  I think it is good.  Why?  It makes you work more.  If you have only an iPad, then, when you key from the on screen keyboard, although it is good, and ok, but I still not used to spend hours on it.  But, now, when you have a keyboard attached to it, you tends to types faster as good as the normal keyboard, and then, you tends to do more works on it.

When I travel, I usually don’t carry my Macbook Air.  So, here is one more reason why I don’t think I will need to carry a Macbook Air anymore.

IMG 7622

For more info about this.  You can refer to the links below.  Wow… I didn’t know that they carry a RED color one.  It is quite cool.  And WHAT????  A 6-month battery life on a full charge???  Let me test that out.  The disclaimer says based on a 2 hours usage per day.  WOW…. sure boh…

They have just recently came out with the Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Mini.  So, now I am waiting for it.



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