Jay Can Cook – Meat Balls with Celery

Date: Feb 17, 2019

When mommy not around, we will cook.  Hahaha

Today, I let Jay make his own meat balls.  Pork meat balls.  Pork meat balls with Celery.

To do so, we must have really good minced pork.


We choose this Borneo Fresh Pork (also called Malaysia Pork too).


In our home, we uses this seaweed soya sauce from Japan.  we like its taste.  So we uses it every where, including our breakfast eggs.


We need white pepper too.


Pour enough Soya Sauce and white pepper into the minced pork.


Let it rest for few minutes.  while you cut the celery.


We used Organic Celery.


One stalk is enough.  So, you break the bottom part, and slowly tear it.


These parts are quite hard, so, usually we throw away.  I don’t know what to call it.


Then, you cut it.  Or dice it.


You can use a small nice or a big cleaver. And chop it.  like what Jay did.

Don’t forget to put 1-2 teaspoon of starch powder.


OK, once add in the celery and starch.

Next, use your hand to mix it all up.


This is how you do it.

See, so nice.


Now, you roll it into meat balls.  Try to make it same size.

Don’t roll it too big.

Jay of course is still a kid, so, not so good in making the consistent meat ball size.  hahaha

But who cares if the end products is good to eat.  hahaha


Let’s place it into Air Fryer.

Set it to 160 degree.  For 10 minutes.  That’s it.


10 minutes later.  It is all done.  Very nice.  And healthy snacks.


The surface of the meat ball is a bit crispy.


The inner part is fully cook.  And the pepper and the celery bring up the meaty taste of the pork.  Very nice.

Jay’s brother love it so much.  We even put in “Blue Cheese” into the meet ball for him.  Because he loves to eat Blue Cheese.  hahaha


This is a very easy dish to do.  So, Jay has to learn it so next time, he can cook for himself this delicious meat balls.


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