TRA Detox Diary – Day 14

Date:  6 Nov, 2012

Day 14 – Breakfast.  A very delightful breakfast.  Apple, cherry tomato, salad with the G3 drink.  And an overnight mushroom potato soya sauce chicken my maid cooked yesterday.  Well, now I finally figure out that I can eat overnight food.  So, we don’t have to cook one lesser portion for me not eating at night, because I can always eat the next day with rice.  🙂

IMG 1900

Day 14 – lunch.  We went to Joo Chiat to eat Teo Chew Porridge.  OK, boss ordered a pork leg.  I ate 3 small pieces.  But the veggie, I do eat a lot.

IMG 1902

I drank some soup with 3 meat balls.

IMG 1904

Bean soya sauce cooked fish.  I ate a little with 3/4 of porridge.

IMG 1903

Day 14 – Dinner.  As usual, an big Japanese Apple.  A plate of fish ball veggies and Trim Shake.

IMG 1907

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