My New iPhone Holder & Bluetooth Sport Headset

Date:  Nov 6, 2012

Introducing my new gear.  A iPhone 5 belco holder.  So, you put your iPhone in, zip it (water/rain proof), and then you cycle.  So, on the way, you can see your RunKeeper monitor to know how you are doing, how far you have cycle, and how long you have cycle.  Sometimes, if you need to learn some new song, launch your QQ Music or iTunes Music and sing along with the lyrics.  It’s cool.

The headphone with yellow strap is my new bluetooth headset.  🙂

IMG 0156

Don’t worry, it is belco to your bike, and there is a safety hook too.  Just in case, the belco does not hold well.  But so far, I used it once for 1 hour plus ride, and it is OK.

IMG 0157

Now, the new iPhone 5 speaker jack is at the bottom.  And that makes it in convenient to have the normal ear pod (headset comes with iPhone 5).  So, what you need is a blue tooth sport headset.  For this, I have been looking for many weeks, and finally, I have chosen this Jabra brand.

It is quite decent.  If you keep your head steady, then, the music will continuously pump into your headset.  If you turn your head, occasionally it will lose a few signal.  Especially, when you make a turn on your bike or going into a tunnel.  🙂

IMG 1917

With all these gears, my morning daily ride become very enjoyable.

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