P1 Registration – Pei Tong

Date: Aug 14, 2012

We are now going into Phase 2C Supplementary (2CS).

And there are 45 seats in Pei Tong Primary School. Hope that the 1KM one need not to go thru balloting.

This is Jay Jay’s destiny.

This is Pei Tong’s moto… Yeap… Teacher and students work together to make a new heights. Haha I think I may spent some time to help them if I got the time…

The campus is quite new. I think they recently renovate the school.

Wow, the food is nice. Got Japanese Curry some more… And it’s cheap!

My wife been to the open house for Pei Tong for the Primary One preparation seminar.

It’s white top, green short and black shoe.

And the best, it is a single session school. Means only morning class.

And now we start to prepare him for Pei Tong. He will definitely like the school. :). Provided that there is not ballot out from this school.

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