She Can Cook!

Date:   Aug 15, 2012

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We come to the second week having auntie Racquel in our home.  So far she has been doing great!  So, this week, she earn the privilege to cook for the family without any of our intervention.  she will design the menu and cook with whatever veggies and meat she can find from the fridge.  🙂

So, on Monday, she cooked this Mushroom soup.  And she uses only 1 Single can to cook one big bowl of soup and yet, the taste is so “Super Duper Good” that Jay has drank at least 3 bowls of it.  OK, usually, 1 can of mushroom you put 1 can of water.  But it seems like she has put in at least 4-6 cans of water to make it a big bowl.  Even chef Ken says it is GOOD!  I myself drank 3 bowls of it.  It contains luncheon meat in there too.  And a close examinations, it seems like she blended some potato into it too.  But wasn’t too sure.  But it is good.

IMG 0219

Also on Monday, we have the mince pork potatoes.  It is a simple dish, kids usually loves it.  But usually it is not easy to master it.  Especially the tenderness of the potatoes and the salt and sweetness you had from the dish.  OK.  I ate a lot of these on that day.  That only means that she cook to the taste just like I want it to be.  Very nice.

IMG 0218

The veggies seems ok too.  I don’t eat a lot of veggie.  Like son like father.  hahaha…

IMG 0222

You can tell when Kay Kay go and take the rice, means the food is nice.

IMG 0220

Of course how can we forget about our big eater… Jay!

IMG 0221

Then, come the next day…. She cooked the Pumpkin prawns.  A dish that I never thought of cooking and combine.  She just merely used up whatever we had in the fridge.  The pumpkin is there for at least 2 weeks.  Almost rotten, and she cook it into a good dish.  And the ingredients she used is simple enough.

IMG 0235

The dish looks lovely.  And when the kids come back from school, she reheat it in the wok, instead of microwave.

IMG 0238

The other dish is Mushroom Chicken.  Which is one dish I will always cook for my kids.  

IMG 0236

And the end result, is the sweet and tasty dish.  Looks just like what I had cook, and it tasted just like what I would put the salt and pepper.

IMG 0237

I already like to eat her curry.  Now, the above dishes are nice too.  I cooked my favourite Chicken Claypot rice on Sunday, and she loves it and she had eaten a lot of it.  That is to show her I can cook too.  HaHaHaHa

She cooked just like Version 1.0 – Auntie Jennifer.  We are glad that she has come into our family, and next thing we want to see is whether She Can Teach?  

As you know, we just enrol Jay Jay into Pei Tong.  It will be single session class…  AM class.  So, we will sent Jay to school in the morning, and he will take School Bus home in the afternoon.  So, we will be depending on Auntie Racquel to teach him or guide him to do home work, learning etc during the afternoon.

Let’s check MOE.  OK, first day so far so good.  It is best not to go for ballot.  Let’s hope second day is OK too.  May the number stay there.

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