A Fun Day at the Beach

Date:  Aug 9, 2012

Today is National Day.  I have promised the kids to bring them cycling and scootering.

First, we spend a nice 2 hours quality fun time at Polliwogs.  The kids love it and my friend’s son also likes it.

IMG 0072

When they are hungry, let them eat banana.

IMG 0077

We wanted to eat at the Japanese Waraku, but around 12:00noon the restaurant is 100% booked.  No more space for us.  So, 10 of us went to eat at the Long Beach seafood restaurant.

Wow, these mantis prawns grew in a plastic bottle?

IMG 0078

The La La King is quite nice.

IMG 0079

As usual, we asked the chef to specially steam a tofu for Kay Kay.  He eats this with white rice.  Strange kid, does not take meat, does not take veggie, only Tofu and Rice.

IMG 0085

Have not seen friends for some times… the chit chat begins…

IMG 0103

The story telling begins…

IMG 0107

And of course the baby sitting still needed for the young daddy.  

IMG 0108

We are off to scootering… weeeee

IMG 0091

Ko Ko wait for me, I am coming… weeeee….

IMG 0092

It’s been a long time since we last visited the East Coast Park.

IMG 0122

Kids really enjoy the cycling, the scootering and the beach.

IMG 0124

Justin loves his 3-wheeler scooter too.

IMG 0125

Why are the boys in the sands?

IMG 0127

Are you sure you can ride the bike in the sand?  Kay Kay?

IMG 0128

Nope… I don’t think so.

IMG 0129

The 3 boys looks really happy.

IMG 0132

We really have fun today!

IMG 0135

Then, we went home and wait for the NDP on TV.

Before that… some face tattoo for Jay Jay.

IMG 0114

And one for Kay Kay.

IMG 0113

And lastly….

Happy Birthday to Singapore!

IMG 0123

And of course, we are glad to see LKY appears in the NDP!

And I enjoyed reading those status and comments from Facebook!

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