Chinese Calligraphy

Date:  Aug 9, 2012

Jay Jay has been balloted out from Nan Hua Primary School.  So, the heavy task of Chinese Traditional teaching now lands on daddy’s hand.  The first step is to learn how to use a Mao Bi (毛笔), i.e. Chinese Brush.  So, Jay has been trained to use the Chinese Brush to write his Ting Xie (Chinese Spelling), i.e. 听写.

IMG 0096

Jay needs to learn very hard on these Chinese traditional values, and thingy.  Especially the Chinese Calligraphy.

IMG 0097

The way how he hold the brush.

IMG 0098

The way how he writes… the order of each strokes… He is learning… and I am glad he did not complaint about using the Chinese brush.

IMG 0099

By practising more, then, he will learn the Chinese characters by hard.

IMG 0100

These week Chinese words has quite a number of strokes.  So, Jay Jay has finally memorise the strokes and how to write it.  Hope to score a 3-stars or 100% again this week!

IMG 0102

I am glad that when he writes and practising, he is very focus in doing so.  That is something I am happy about.

Don’t worry, Master Yoda will teach him well.  Learn the force.  Learn the way.  Learn the Chinese way.

IMG 0014

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