Delaxxy Healthcares @ EcoNest 皇家足浴

Sep 12, 2022

When I came back from KL, I always checked if there is any traffic jam at the customs. If there is, I will stay overnight in my EcoNest condo.

Usually, I will feed myself and had a good massage at Bukit Indah, i.e. Eminent Massage. However, this trip, there is a new massage joint 皇家足浴 opened just opposite EcoNest. So, I decided to give it a try.

Because it is new, so the facilities is new. Everything is new. Even the towels. So, I had a good Thai massage. During the massage, as most of the massage place, some how the aircon is always blowing at you, so, I told the massuer that I was cold. My nose was blocked. She quickly provide 2-3 towels and covered me up. They also use one towel to place your head there which I think is quite neat. The massage was good!

Here are the massage menu.

I choose the RM198 for 120 min massage.

And I predict I will come in quite often, so I also signed up a 15% VIP card package.

This is the name card, contact details. Have fun!

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