Phigolf Mobile – Good Golf Simulator

Date: Jun 26, 2021

OK, this is an amazing product. And both me and Jay Jay playing with it with much fun. This is the second version of Phigolf that I have bought. The first version, I passed it to my good friend and let him play at his place.

Basically, this is a swing sensor that you can plug this onto any golf trainer. And when you swing the golf club, it automatically analyze your swing path, your tempo, your speed, your clubface, etc etc. And it simulate the golf swing and projected onto the trainer of the game itself.

I bought it from Amazon.

The swing stick is about 460g so it is similar to a golf club weight. When you swing the club fast, and swing it correctly, you will here the tick tick sound. I also bought the one that comes with WGT App. I believe is World Golf Tournament. Once you download the WGT app, it is very reliastic and not so forgiving. It is not cheap. But it is fun.

For some reason, I could not get the Phigolf app on Apple TV to work. Not sure why the bluetooth cannot connect to the sensor. Therefore, I have to use my iPhone or iPad to play and AirPlay it onto my TV. Have not have time to troubleshoot why it does not work on the Phigolf app on Apple TV. Apple TV does not have WGT, so I still have to play it on my iPad or iPhone. That is good enough.

OK, let’s give this new stick and sensor a play. I am playing the WGT app. And the graphics looks realistic. And my first swing went to lost ball. I forgot to see what is the distance of the pin and what club I am using. hahaha But it is fun.

OK, let’s try it again. Not so hard this time. And I am on the green!! It is quite a fun game. And I like this swing stick. The weight is just right.

And if you compare to the previous version. The previous version is a bit light.

Wow, my son can swing very naturally. And he can swing it straight too.

This is how to putt.

We were having so much fun with it.

Kay Kay also playing with him. Kay Kay has not played golf before. Of course he does not know how to properly swing it.

It is fun la. hahahaha of course I still a better player. hahahaha

Later Jay went for a 18-hole game.

It also gave you the swing analysis. Don’t take it so seriously. In real life it may not be the same. But it serve as a rough gauge.

Some statistic for you so to make you swing more consistenly in terms of tempo and speed.

So you ask Jay is it good, of course, he will give you a thumbs up. To me, I think the first version golf stick is too light for me, so the swing is akward.

Let’s ask the opinion of a good golfer, see what he thinks… Uncle Weng Hong used to be a single handicaper. So, after he play a game of 18-holes, he also gives a thumbs up. He say it is realistic. So, I put the first version at his home. And since then, he, and uncle Ron and uncle Choon plays quite often and get addicted to it.

First version does not have WGT app. So, they aint see nothing yet. Wait until they see the version 2 with WGT app. It is even more realistic!!

So, he is challenging my son.

I think Jay did quite OK playing with uncle Weng Hong on his first virtual game.

So since very hard to book golf game for some golfers without a golf membership, i think they can equally have fun from this Golf Simulator. Very fun game indeed.

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