SmallBlog – Kay Kay becomes more Independent!

Date: Jun 29, 2021

Before P6, you were wondering when can Kay Kay grown up.

Half year gone, after the June school holiday, he has finally become more Independent.

We allowed and ask him to come back from school on his own.

Yeah! That means no need to go pick him from school. From Clementi MRT to Bukit Gombak MRT, it is just 4 MRT stops with a change in train at Jurong East. So, it should be easy for him.

Of course, first few days must track him a bit. So, I was watching my Find My iPhone app to see where is he and knew that he is coming home soon.

I hide behind the door. And he is finally back!! and he brought Jack back too. Wahahahaha

Jack came over for a quick Minecraft game. :). School just started so not much home work. So, Jack decided to come over for a quick game.

He is so happy as he take MRT together with his friends.

I think Jack can teach him a lot of things. As Jack has been very independent since 1-2 years ago when I knew him.

I have more time for golf, and cycling now since he is more independent now.

Oh ya, he also know how to do his homework without me asking him “Got homework or not…” But sometimes he forgot too. But it is ok.

The good thing is, he is making friends, and he is with his friends, and he is happy. That is the most important thing.

Good job Kay!

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