SmallBlog – Srixon 1.5kg Golf Bag

Jun 20, 2021

I bought this bag so that I can carry the bag on the golf course instead of taking buggy or using the Electrical Trolley.

This is one of the lightest bag in the world. It is only 1.5kg (3lbs+).

So, in order to make it lighter, I will carry only 5-6-7-8-Pw-Aw-As-52-58 (9x irons) and a Driver and a Putter. I will carry an umbralla too (ultra light one). 2-3 sleeves of golf balls. And water bottle. So, the overall weight is just nice. The bag support is good too. The other brand is Ping’s Craz-e-lite range. Also around 3lbs.

On the course, I can just walk straight to the golf ball. No need to detour. Especially after rain, when buggy cannot drive in. The Electrical troller is sometimes very annoying. It will pull you or you need to push it. So, carrying the golf bag behind your bag becomes a delightful feel.

Sometimes you can carry it side way too. But try not to do that so often.

I think carry it this way better.

June 20 marks the first day I start carry my golf bag.

When you hitting the golf ball, you put down your bag. One thing bad is I sometimes keep forgetting my sand canister.

It is quite relaxing.

I feel it is comfortable. Although on the Jun 20, my energy level drops in a STEP function. Means, when it drops it drops by a lot.

But I managed to finish the 18-hole walking by carrying my bag.

Oh ya, not to mentioned, I hurt my ankle a day before…

And on Jun 25, I carry my golf bag again for a golf game. And this time, not so much of step function, the energy level is stable thru out. So I guess, I learned along the way how to minimize the tireness.

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