Waterless Car Wash

Date: May 14, 2020

Few years ago, I bought a few cans of these at Westgate from a few guys who is doing car cleaning. I since kept all the cans in store room until today.

The car wash service from Shell and every way seems to be closed during the CB (Circuit Breaker). So, today, instead of my regular exercise, I wash my car as my exercise.

I just bring down two cans of this fastwax.com cleaning wax and a lot of microfiber cloths.

You want to learn mor about this, you can go to see the YouTube.




The instruction seems very simple.

1. Spray on to the car or wind screen. Leave it for 30-60 seconds or so.

2. Use a microfiber cloth (one piece) to wipe off the dirts.

3. Use another microfiber cloth to was the car.

That’s it. Let’s spray on my dirty car. I have not wash it for more than 40 days.

Then, wipe it with the first cloth. To wipe majority of the dirts away. Then use a clean one to do the wiping and polishing. And it’s clean. I am surprise about that.

As you can see. This part is clean, compared to the back…

And it is polishing clean.

Wow… I was amaze with the result.

After I clean the whole car, I use another cloth just to do my final wiping. And according to that guy who sell me this, even in near future there are dust on the car, you can simply blow it away buy blowing air using your mouth onto the dirty spots. Hahaha

Since long time never wash car, I actually used 1.5 cans to wash it this time.

Nice and clean.

So clean that I can see the scratch marks clearly. Hahahaha

So, this is what I bring to wash my car today. Not a single drip of water. Save the Earth I presume. And I also bring my portable vacuum cleaner too. So easy. And of course, my whole body was wet as whole body was exercising when you wax and clean the car. Hahahaha

This is a product that amaze me today. I think some of the car park lift or escalator area still selling this using the vending machine. So, you can get it from there. It is very easy to clean the car. When you do the 2nd microfiber cloth cleaning, you don’t have to use a lot of strength.

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