Precision 3D Printings

Date: May 11, 2020

I bought a decent 3D printer for Jay this school holidays. And he has been using it non-stop. So, I asked him to print some camera gadgets.

This is a C-Mount lens rear cap.

It is amazing how fast it could be printed. Less than 30min. And you can see the honeycomb structure under the light.

I have totally no idea how this got printed. But the printer did the refine printing. So, it is basically a lens cap that suppose to “screw” onto the C-Mount lens. Later we will test it out how well it got printed.

People from the whole world already thought of it and created the necessary 3D models. Jay simply have to search for the correct file and print it.

This is the C-Mount lens comes with TinyMOS’ Tiny1 astrophotography camera. It is a Kickstarter product and therefore, expect not much packaging and thoughts on providing a lens cap. Hahahaha

To my surprise, it perfectly screw onto the lens.

Take a look at the video below. I even use one finger to rotate the cap so that you can feel how smooth it is to screw the lens cap onto the lens.

Wow, amazing.

After the success of the lens cap. Let’s also print the camera c-mount cover too. Also can screw it to the C-Mount so that you can cover the camera sensor and hence protect the sensor.

This is the Tiny1 astrophotographers camera C-Mount. See, they don’t provide you any protection at all.

Again, the cap is easily screwed onto the camera C-Mount.

And now I can protect my Tiny1 Camera. Yeah.

Here is another look at the rear lens cap.

So, next, Jay is going to research and learn how to build the Raspberry Pi 4 with the version 2 – 8MP camera. He also printed the 1.25″ hoot for housing the camera. And this will go into the Eyepiece of the Celestron 6″ Telescope.

He even found a old LCD screen so that he can use it to control the camera, I think? Of course, he can always control the camera via a web browser. But I can see that he is 80% almost complete with this project.

Now we just need a clear sky to look at the sky.

This is the back of the camera housing.

And he is printing another rear lens cap for me. So nice.

Thanks Jay. This holidays he is learning everything about 3D printing. As well as Raspberry Pi. Next is to get him to do some programming on Raspberry Pi. Hahaha

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