3D Printing Paint Job

Date:  May 09, 2020

For Kay, his job is to paint the 3D printings.


Our 3D Printings is using the PLA.  So, using Acrylic paint should be enough.  Just have to use a deligated hand to paint multiple layers or thicker onto the PLA.


See that Orange watery paint?  It is Acrylic paint after the water soaked paint brush touched it.  So it become watery.

So, Kay learned his first lesson, never dip the paint brush into water, or don’t bother to prepare a water bowl for 3D printing paint jobs.  Simply paint with dry stiff paint brushes without water.


There is a flat one, and a pointed head brush.  Which one is better?


Lesson 2.  It is the pointed head brushes that can give you more control.  Lesser surface area to be painted, but more control in refine area painting.


Lesson 3.  Paint it thick.


Lesson 4.  Make sure you don’t see Orange ring on your hair dryer.  It has to be blue ring which is COLD air.  So, you can use the hair dryer to dry it.  As our Xiaomi hair dryer gives powerful hot air, it is not recommended as it might melt or distorts the 3D print.  Jay says so.  But I don’t believe la.  How can Hair dryer gives 150-220 degrees heat?  So dangerous meh?  HAhahaha but if the 3D printing master say so, let’s follow his wisdom.


Ya, the 3D print master.  Notice how he can handle SHARP knife tool comfortably?  He has grown up into a fine teenager.


During the Covid19 CB measurement, and the school holiday, I upgraded the 3D printer into a “more expensive” one.  More expensive == more reliable.  一分钱一分货.  Really, the more expensive one tends to be more reliable.  He must have printing 3D stuff for the past 5 days non-stop.  And Printer still working OK.  He has watch so much Youtube learning how to get the print off, how to print it better, how to troubleshoot, how to fix it.  I can say, he is now an expert in 3D printing I think.

Take note.  I don’t even know how to operate.  As I never touch it.  It is his toys, let him explore and let him touch it.


He even learn SketchUp to make own modeling.  He also RECYCLE the old 3D printer MakerX printer I think for parts.  Make uses of those parts.


Back to Kay.  His activity is to paint.

Today, I asked him to learn how to play a new board game.


OK, finally, Father and son painted the boat.  Name after him.

As you can see, my photo nice hor.

I also pull out all my cheap lens to take photo.  Mitakon 35mm f0.95, Zeiss 32mm f1.8 Touit lens and Viltrox 85mm f1.8 I think.

I enjoyed my photograph very much.  So, out of all the three lens, I still like my Mitakon (ZhongYi) f0.95 lens.  This one is the Zeiss f1.8 shot.


He is not yet 11.  Birthday in August.  So, 10 is the number for now.


Aiyoo… the whole hand is paint.


I also take the chance to take Blue (the Cat’s name) photo.  He has blue eyes.


This is the Mitakon f0.95 shot.


Ah.. If you play Animal Crossing, you should know what is this.  HAhahahahaha




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