Gadget – Xiaomi TV Karaoke Mic 纯麦

Date: June 10, 2019

This is the Karaoke Mic for Xiaomi TV.

Yep!  It is for Xiaomi TV only.  And its for the newer TV, version 4 and above.

So, it does not work for Xiaomi Mibox TV set top box.

So, it does not work for lower version of TV.

It has to be Xiaomi TV.


Because of this Karaoke Mic, I bought my first ever Xiaomi TV.


I bought a 43″ Xiaomi Smart TV 4S.  And it is only SGD$399.  I paid $20 extra to install English content.  (actually no need to do so, as I can reach Chinese mah).

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 9.11.34 PM.png

And guess how much is the Karaoke Mic?  RMB312.  About S$60 plus.

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 9.17.37 PM.png

So, what so interesting about this?


Plug this USB into Xiaomi TV USB port.


Yup, don’t know why like this.  So ugly.  They even give you a USB extender.


And Xiaomi TV settings menu will pop up the “Karaoke” section.


Install any workable Karaoke app.  And if you have a method to pay and subscribe, then, just subscribe it so that you can use more feature.


You are good to go.


Let’s Sing!


Wow, the echo not bad.  It feels just like Karaoke.

You don’t have to buy a Karaoke mixer to do Karaoke at home now.  The sound just perfect coming out from the sound bar.

Ya.. I don’t even using Xiaomi Sound Bar.  I used back my own Denon Sound Bar.


So amazing.  Now, if you go Sim Lim and buy a Karaoke set, I think it will cause you a bomb, and the equipment is huge.  So, now with this amazing product from Xiaomi, your Karaoke needs is taken care off.





  1. Hi Kenneth, changed upon your blog. May I know how is this working for u now? Can share what is the apps r u using 😀 thank u so much…

    • The app is called 开麦K歌. It works great! It has all the old songs, and the real KTV footage, and new one such Frozen2 songs. Hahahaha I subscribed yearly on and is VIP. It has been around for long time. I just tested it again, and was singing for 1 hour just now before I reply you. Hahahahaha

    • The mic works fine. I am using 开麦K歌, i paid for yearly fee. And it works fine on my ViewQwest Internet. Using the mike is great for own pleasure singing. I don’t want to buy sophisticated karaoke boxes that is why I bought this mic. It is good enough for me. Sorry just saw this on my blog.

      • Hello. I have mine but it is not working on my Xiaomi 4s 65 inch tv. There are no pop up karaoke menu upon inserting the USB. Can you recommend some trouble shooting? Thanks in advance

      • Hi, what I meant is the “karaoke” option is shown in the settings menu. Its not automatically pop up the menu when you plug in the USB dongle. May be restart the TV, and go into settings and see if the karaoke option is there or not. If not, then, check if your 4S firmware is it updated? It should work. If it doesn’t I also don’t know how.

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