Last Gathering @ Park West

Date:  June 5, 2019

People like my age, will tends to reunite with their friends from primary school and secondary school.

Instead of looking for each other all over the place on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  So, why not start earlier.

Jay has been hosting some fabulous gathering at our place since graduation from Primary school.  I am glad that he still keep good contact with each other.  Owning friends is like owning gold.  It is ever lasting, and some times you need to bring it out to polish from time to time.


I love these bunch of kids.


Not only playing games indoor, they also play outdoor.


Amazing.  You thought every one will come to my place to play Nintendo Switch only?

“Let’s play downstairs.”  Then, every one goes down stairs.


My young Kay Kay will join these bunch of kids too.


Here are some outdoor video clips for them to keep in memory.  A playground to remember.

Of course, when they come, we will provide their favourite food.  Pizza.


Gaming time.


The girls will play piano.  Some of them are music talent.


But perhaps the wildest game they played is the Oculus Roller Coaster.


It involved Oculus and a chair.  Whoever sit on this chair, what he see, we can also see thru streaming… hahaha


Some props, such as hair blower and fan.


Enjoy the Oculus Roller Coaster show.

When the roller coaster comes down, there must be wind.

The passenger started to get dizzy.  It is kind of dangerous too.  hahahaha

Now the friends are concern.

Let’s change another passenger.

Also cannot take it?

Finally, a worthy passenger.

The roller coaster is very rocky indeed.

Wind, rocky, more win, from different direction, sometimes, the blower can blow your ears too.  hahaha

The kids are totally having lots of fun ya.

And the reality level is up to 90% ya.  Look at the scary reaction.

They follow the screen and produce the sound.

Great kids.  Great Friends.


Friends forever ya.


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