Cook with Ken – 五香姜蒜烘蒸鸡 and Other Dishes for CNY 2019

Date: Feb 9, 2019

  1. 五香姜蒜烘蒸鸡
  2. Kenneth’s 超级盆菜 (Pen Cai)
  3. 甜醋蒸Scallop (steamy it with vinegar)
  4. 绍兴酒蒸印度虾
  5. 甜醋蒸北海道螃蟹

Yesterday got a CNY gathering.  So, I came up with this Garlic Steamy Chicken.



To cook this.  You need garlic.  Lots of them.  You can buy from NTUC.  Those already peeled one.


You need the 5 spice powder.  Ok, this is to give the chicken the 卤味 but without actually 卤-ing (braising) it.  So, you spread it all over the entire chicken, as well as inside of the stomach.

Later once the chicken is cooked, then, you use tap water to wash most the spice powder.  My helper watched me doing it, and was curious why I run the tap water onto my chicken.  hahahaha


This is how it is done.  See the “dirty” five spice powder outside?

Inside is stuffed with garlics.  And I also added in some water chestnuts.  For sweetness taste.  Later, there will be juice and water inside the body.  And the five spice powder is fully cooked and infused into the garlic.  🙂


Use a toothpick to seal the opening.

I actually marinate the chicken for 2 hours.

If you want, you should marinate it for more time.  May be half a day or overnight.  Guarantee the five spice powder will go inside the whole chicken.


I use the Provence basil olive oil.  Apply it to the pot you are using.

The picture not nice.  You don’t put so much hor.  I accidentally put too much, so later I used the kitchen towel paper to suck it all up.


And yes, I am going to use a Pot (my iCook Pot from Amway) to cook it.  So, in order to prevent the chicken skin to have direct contact to my pot, I cut and cut lots of ginger slices to cover the bottom of the pot.


That’s it la.  Very simple process.

put the Chicken in.  Cover the lit.

And small fire.

Cook for 1 hour to 1.5 hours.


After 1 hour later, take it out.  Without taking out the tooth pick.  Rinse the external of the chicken with tap water.  Try to wash away the majority of the five spice powder outside.

Then, open the backside.  (take out the toothpick).

Then all the garlic fragrance came out.  And some garlic is so soft and infused with the five spice powder and chicken oil.

The meat is tender and full of five spice powder.  Nice.

WOW… my skill is still there.


Kenneth’s 超级盆菜 (Pen Cai)

Every year sure have dish.  The only difference is this year, I did not get any ingredient from Tiong Bahru.


Let’s run thru the ingredients.  I used the iCook from Amway big pan to cook this.

  1. White Radish
  2. Carrots
  3. Pumkins

The bottom layered with Sesami Oil.  These ingredients kept the important other ingredients not to be burned.  Hardest, so put below.


4. Dried scallops (from Clementi market)

5. Dried Oysters (from Clementi market)

6. Chinese Sausages (from NTUC)

7. Chinese Blood Sausages (from NTUC)

8. Most important ingredient of all.  Century Eggs from NTUC.

You got to put a lot of Pi-Tan (Century Eggs) as it will soak inside the soup and have very nice taste later.


9. Carefully covered with Cabbages.


10. Hair Veggies (发菜)

11. Tau Pok

12.  Leeks from Isetan

13.  Fu Chuk from Clementi Market.

14.  Tau Kee from Clementi Market.

15.  Thousand Needle Mushrooms.

16.  Pig Skins.  猪皮

17.  Fish Maw.


Last layer.

18.  Siu Bak (Roasted Pork)

19.  Sashimi Grade Indian Prawns from Mediya.

20.  Char Siu (BBQ pork)

21. dried shrimps.

22.  Gooseberries. 红鞠

23.  Chinese Coriander leaves.

24.  Braised Abalone.  Don’t throw away the sauce in the can.  Put the whole can of 红烧sauce into the pot.

25.  Another kind of Abalone (non-braised).  Again, put the whole can of sauce into the pot.  (so far, you have two sauce.

26.  史云生 chicken stocks (small one).  This is the third sauce/stocks.

27.  Japanese dried mushrooms.


28.  Abalone Sauce or Oyseter Sauce.

29.  White Pepper.

30.  Soya Sauce.

That’s it.  Cover the lit.  medium-small fire.  Cook for 1 hour.


1 hour later.


As a traditions, you need to dig out all 20+ ingredients.


My favourite dish.  Pen Cai.


Super sweet.  See those century eggs?  Yummy.


甜醋蒸Scallop (steamy it with vinegar)

I still using my small iCook Pan.

The sashimi grade Scallop from Mediya.  Only during Chinese New Year they will sell these.

Defrost it.  Make sure no ice in it.

one drop of sweet vinegar.  I used the one I bought from Setiawan.

one drop of seaweed soya sauce.

one drop of basil olive oil from Provence.

one piece of coriander leaf.

Steam it.


OMG.  The juicy steam sauces is the sweet stocks.

You have to jaga your timing ya.  Don’t over cook the scallops.  Because it will be harden.



I am still using the iCook big pan.

Sashimi grade Indian Prawns Small one from Mediya.

Put some 绍兴酒 cooking wine.

Put 1 egg white.

Coriander leaves.  That’s it.

Steam it.



Very boring hor.

Again.. using iCook Pan.

Put the Hokkaido crab inside.

Put sweet Vinegar on top.

Put soya sauce.

Put Coriander leaves.

Steam it.


Only eat the eggs.  The inside of the crab not too defrost.  Still cold.  But the legs are really nice.  infuse with the sweet vinegar.


That’s all I cooked.

I supply the sashimi grade Scallops.  Yummy.


Huat ah.

Of course, the standard crew of the CNY party.


Oh ya.  This year, a special guest appearance, she wanted to see me.

Danelle Woo, one of my marketing staff during the earlier CBG days in Pacific Internet.


Now she is a fashion designer.  “Aijek”  (reverse of Ke Jia, her name) One of her dress were wore by Fiona Xie potrait Kitty Pong in Crazy Rich Asian movie.

Thanks for dropping by.

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 8.57.37 AM.png

Thanks for bringing the cake.


49 liao.


Me with the kids from the Usual Suspect group.


Promise to stay very healthy.


Put Ang Pao Money and two decks of cards together.  What’s on your mind?


That golden envelop getting thicker!


Good for Jay to pick up Mahjong.



At night, playing with Aunties and Uncle liao.


Gong Xi Fa Chai

Stay Healthy.

Exercise More.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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