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Date: Feb 9, 2019

Happy birthday to myself.  🙂

Just standing behind Jay to peek at him doing his homework.


Last 2 weeks, kids in school been taught how to use Apple Keynote (Equivalent to Microsoft’s Power Point) software.  And the teacher assigned this homework for them to do at home.

Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 8.48.02 AM.png

Wow!  Which one is the one drawn by Jay Jay??


So, I asked him to show me.  He ungrouped and dismantle his graphics.

My eyes pops out!

What?  He is using Apple Keynote only, and he can drew a pencil by shaping it and apply same colors?

Jay Jay has learned well in school.  And I can see where is his huge interest lies.

Well done.

And I don’t even know how to do it.  After he explained to me, I “oh” …..

It is very time consuming job, as you can use only the shape and lines to draw it.  And pieced every thing together.


Now, you think drawing pencil is easy ya.  Wait until you see he traced and create the Pot of Plant.  Look at the shape and the shading on the leaves.  Jay has “copied” almost exactly the same using just the Apple Keynote software.


Here is a little demonstration on how he drew the pencil.


Even mommy is amazed with it.  Given that mommy is the graphics expert at home.  hahaha


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