Date:  Jan 18, 2019

A bit of drizzling outside.

Dad:  Jay, do you need a grab (me) to sent you to school?

Jay:  Is it raining heavily?

Dad:  No, just drizzling.

Jay:  I think it is ok, daddy.  I will go to school on my own.

Dad:  OK!

I am very proud of this.  He has become so independant these days.  Some days, he will also go to Clementi Library to study together with his new classmates.  Some days, he also eat outside.  Every day, he take bus to school.  It is fun to share and talk to him about the school life nowadays.  Lot’s of things to talk about.


Yesterday, when I reach home, Jay was doing projects together with 3 others classmates online.  They were happily chatting for almost an hour on the characters in “The boy in the Stripe Pyjamas”.

He also preparing his speech as he got nominated to run for the Chairman or vice-Chairman of the class.  Basically is “class monitor” lah.  He has to compete with 2 others.  It is interesting to see how he has become.  Last time not like this one leh… but the new Jay 2.0 is energetic, independant, and fun.


These two weeks is the CCA trial out.  Of course, his first choice is Robotics.  He will be going for badminton, athletics, media as other choices.  Will be interesting to see how he did for all.

His classmates said:  “Aiya, he is 3rd Poom in Taekwondo, Taekwondo club has nothing to teach him, so, cannot join Taekwondo club.”  hahahahahaha

That day, in one of the badminton trial out, he won 2 out of 3 games vs senior students.  So, might have a chance there.

Athletics is new, but he likes to move around.  That is why he wanted to join that CCA too.

Not sure if he tries out Star Gazing club or Junior Flying club or not.

Well, he is a young gentlemen now, so, he has 100% freedom to choose what he wants.  Although I try persuade him to join Drama club.  hahahaha

So, as we marched into 3rd week, Jay is doing extremely well in the school.  加油 my son!

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