Jin Yong Kung Fu Story Book

Date: Jan 19, 2019

When you have kids, you always wants the kids to be just like you.

So, when I was young, I love to read Jin Yong’s kung fu story books. Those stories of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, Yang Guo & Xiao Long Nu, Xiao Feng, etc are actually very inspiring.

And I always believe it shaped my mind to what I have become today.

Kay Kay can finish one thick book, like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson in just a few days. I.e. 2-3 days a book. He loves to read.

So that day, I bought him this book. Legends of the Condor Heroes. Story by Jin Yong, but translated by don’t know who. I told him, he cannot read the Magnus Chase series, until he finished this book.

So, first 2 days was hard, because he does not like it …

But as and when I explain the story to him, then, he become very interested.

The way how the story book was translated also quite funny. You have to read it yourself then you will give it a laugh. Nine Yin Skeleton Claw, Lotus Huang, Iron Heart Yang, etc etc. All these translations are quite fun.

All I want is to let Kay Kay read it and hope he is interested in Jin Yong story next time.

But be careful, we always says don’t ask your child to carry out your dream. Let them be what they want to be. I am talking about you want to be a musicians, and unfortunately you did make it, and you want to force your child to learn music to become musician.

For this case, I merely wants my son to read different type of story. So, I guess it is not as bad as asking the child to live your dream ya.

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