Congrats Kay! 2nd Poom!

Date:  Sep 26, 2018

Time to write some story blogs while I was cleaning my photos (almost 3 months never tidy them up).

This little fellow came a long way.  He has a small build, unlike his brother.

But he wants to follow his brother – Jay to be well verse in Taekwondo fighting arts.  But because Jay learned the martial art at a much older (mature) age, while Kay was put in the training ground almost 1.5 years before Jay.


So, who says you can never fail a Taekwondo grading?

Of course you can.  Back in March, when Kay took the first grading, his patterns and stands are not so fluent, and he made a crucial mistake during the Interviews.

The grader ask: “Why do you want to take this 2nd Poom grading?”

Kids being kids…

Kay replied: “Because my brother has gotten his 3rd Poom, so, I wanted to beat my brother. (be better than him)”

Poor choice of answer.  Poor choice of words.

And really, when I speak to the instructor after knowing he failed the grading, the instructor simply shake his head and said, he should not said that.

He should say “I wanted to be a Taekwondo judge / umpire when I grow up.”  This is more appropriate.

So ever since that… Kay has been putting his heart and soul into learning the pattern well.  He has to learn pattern #5-8 as well as the Poom pattern #1 & #2.

And on this day, he finally made it to the change belt ceremony.  One ceremony late.


The whole family was happy about this.


So, now at home, I have two protector.  Jay who just obtained his 3rd Poom card.  And Kay who is about to get his 2nd Poom belt.


OK, have to thanks Jay for taking Kay’s photos from the other angle.


One thing I like about Taekwondo is…


There are a lot of bowing.  hahahaha


Actually, last time, there are difference between the 1st poom and 2nd poom belt.  J.H. Kim will print names on the belt as well as the “two yellow or golden stripes” to represent 2nd poom belt.


Later, STF (Singapore Taekwondo Foundation) actually band them from doing so.  So, they have to give “same belt” (no difference as the first poom belt) to their students.


Yeah.  2nd Poom.


Bow again.




Bow again.  Like Japanese.  Arigado Gozaimas.


What’s on his mind.  Can see his happy face.


Oh, he is looking at his mom.

Well, don’t let this smile deceive you.

This mommy is quite E-V-I-L.  Yes, Evil!!! Hahahahaha

Before Kay took the grading, she threaten Kay that “If you failed again, that its!  I will not sent you to Taekwondo, instead, I sent you to learn Ballet.

Evil or not evil?  hahahahahaha

Heng ah!  Kay don’t have to go Ballet class.

All the instructors jokingly congrats Kay this way too.  “Kay, good job!  Your mommy wont sent you to Ballet class now.”  hahahahaha


Kick kick.


Time for group photos.


Cheerful evening.


Fighting stands.


Here is one with the instructor.


The video for the 2nd Poom Change Belt Ceremony.

And lastly, the family photos.


To my son:

Good Job Kay!  You came a long way to cherish this.  It is up to you whether you want to proceed to 3rd poom which will happen in another 2 years.  And you have 3 years to achieve that.  But self-defence is a must.  So the competition sparring class still happening every Saturday 8:30am in the morning ya.

Good job!  Really good job.

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