Cracked Glass at the Back

Date:  Sept 26, 2018

Just wanted to share the experience.

I have been using this case from Moment.  It is a decent case.  Quite hard.


The round corner is reinforced.


The front also have enough protection to the front screen.


I have this case since I bought my iPhone X last November last year.  Every since I had the case, I never took it off.

So, last week, when I wanted to take the sim card off, to my horror, I had this.

The back screen glass cracked.


So, I immediately bring it to QCD @ Tradehub 21.  As I know I still have a couple months of Apple Care+ on it.

After examine it for 5 minutes, the QCD staff told me that Apple Care+ does not have full cover on the back glass.  Because any crack or damage on the back glass, it cannot be repaired.  So, it has to invoke 1-to-1 exchange.

So, within 2 hours, they give me a new iPhone X.  But I need to pay $148 for this.

So, the lesson learned…

  1. Glass is fragile.  Regardless of how they market it.
  2. Especially do not drop straight on the corner.
  3. Don’t always think your case can protect it.  It still can break inside the protection.
  4. Always have Apple Care.

Wow, QCD @ Tradehub is moving to West Gate Mall.  Wow…


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