Waze @ Car Play

Date:  Oct 1, 2018

Wohoo… Waze is finally available for Apple Car Play.

Our of the three map app on Car Play, I like Waze the most and GoogleMaps the least.  Apple Map is in the middle because it integrated the best with Car Play.  Waze is my choice because it has some cool feature I like.


Like the rest, it has the favourites for you to choose your favourite destinations.


Once you choose the destination, you can press the Alternative Roads icons just beside the speaker icon on the top left corner.


It will show you multiple alternative routes you can choose.  As you can see I am on the fastest route.  There is also the purple and the blue lines as shown in the map.


You can instantly switch the routes without having your mobile phone on your palm.  And it is that easy.  I can’t seems to find this feature in Apple Map or Googgle Map available on the Car Play app.  I know they have it on the mobile phone app version.  But not in Car Play.


Of course Waze is Crowdsourcing app.  Don’t forget to report any accident or police, etc when you see one.



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