Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三国演义

Date:June 17, 2018

We all know reading books is a good habit.  While waiting for something, or someone, it is always good to have a book in hand.


You are the parents so, you should also have the right to choose a book for them to read.  Well, they choose 99% of the book, but you insist that 1% got to be chosen by you.

Here, I choose “The Three Kingdoms” 三国演义.

It is a great book.  And this book shaped what I become today.

The story about loyalty of the three brothers.

The story about the intelligent of battles.

The story is just great!


I asked Jay to read this chapter by chapter.


I really not a big fan of the English version, but I think the translations is just OK.


Good thing that they come with List of Main Characters.


Last years, the Chinese has remake an animation about The Three Kingdoms.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 7.02.04 AM.png

It is a very well done TV cartoon.  I showed it to the kids.

And now, they can relate the names back to the book.  “Chao Chao”, “Lu Bu”, “Liu Bei”, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 7.02.14 AM.png

There are 40 episodes of the show.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 7.04.28 AM.png

The reason why I want Jay to read chapter by chapter… so that he can read the Chinese version.

And wow… This is Singapore Secondary School version.


Wow, amaze.  Back in my high school in Malaysia, we read the THICK version, the original version.  hehe…

That shows how the standard of Chinese had dropped thru out these years.. hahaha

But anyway, it is good to read chapter by chapter, as a translation.  So that when you grow up you can tell your friends you had read San Guo Yan Yi.


Well, as expected, the progress had been slow.  But it is progressing.  He had read almost 50 pages.

When he is done with Book 1 of the Three Kingdom, I want him to read this.

hahahaha 三十六计走为上计!  hahaha


Actually I felt sad that we have to resolve to this method to raise the interest of kids on Chinese literature.  I don’t know or I can’t remember how we do it, but when I was young, I covered all 金庸,卫斯理,四大名著,etc etc.

We simply love these books and the stories it tells.

I was hopping to give these translation a try so to see if it can raise any interest in the boys in Chinese literature or not.  Let’s cross our fingers.

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