Kids & Bugs

Date:  June 17, 2018

Kids should not afraid of insects.


Let’s try to catch it.


Remember, have to hold gently in the hand.

Yeah, I think, when they grow up, they are less afraid of the bugs..

This is the firs time Jay caught it.


Here comes, Kay Kay’s attempt.

Aiyo, his face is full of smiles…


Yeah, he finally caught one.


Hold gently, and try not to break their wings.. then, let go, and they fly and fly away.

Kids need to be introduced to insects properly.  So that they can embrace the nature correctly.  If your kids started to show signs of afraid this and that bugs, wow, you got to bring them back to the right track.  So that they are not afraid.  They can co-live with the bugs.

Just a thought.


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