Good Food – Lao Jie Fang Braised Beef Noodle

Date:  Mar 8, 2018

Today, went with a friend to hunt for good food around Science Park.

At frist, he wanted to bring me to eat his favourite fish ball noodles.  Unfortunately, it was not open.  So, we end up queuing for Lor Mee as we see there is this line forming, quite long.

2 minutes in the queue, it gives us some time to look at what is the neighbouring shop.  It was a shop, selling Braised Beef noodle.  牛腩面.


OK.  In front of us, the lor mee must have another 10-12 people in the queue.  This Braised beef noodles has 1 people buying.

So, we were very tempting to switch lane.  Which we did so.

Are you sure or not?  Michelin 2017?


So, there is also this Makansutra thingy.


As I am sharing with my friend, we ordered a Beef Brisket + Tendon Noodle $8 big one, and a Pig Trotter Noodle $5 big one.


Wow, looks quite OK.  The beef brisket and tendon.  If you ordered $8, they will put in a separate bowl for you.


The pig trotter looks ok too.


They separate the noodle.  Looks ok too.


It comes with two bowl of soups too.  Not too bad clear soup.


What’s the verdict?

Well, in my opinion, it is really good.  I like the taste of the beef briskets and tendon.  The beef tendon is lovely.

And the noodle, is hong kong style noodle.  The one usually you find on the street where they sell the ngau nam meen.


I also like the tu-kar (port trotter).  It is slow cooked but not using pressure cooker.  If you use pressure cooker, the bones will be soft and edible.  But this bone is still very hard.  But the pork leg is melting in the mouth type those that I like.  and I love the sauce.  Is those sauce I like.


So, I love both dishes, to my taste (not sure about yours).. me and my friend likes it.

I will re-visit this Mei Ling Street Market again.  My friend told me the “glass” chicken from Queenstown market moved to here many years ago too.  The one that also sell Shanghai fried dumpling.  I remember old days where we tabao 50 dumplings to office and eat.  hahahaha those are the good old days.


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