Koko Krunch Junior Taekwondo Championship

Date:  Mar 6, 2018

A blog entry to remember Kay’s major milestone.

Jay Jay no longer can laugh at Kay Kay saying that “I have many medals and you don’t.”  Because the precious silver medal Kay Kay just won is at the inter-TKD-schools nationwide whereas most of Jay Jay’s are school competitions, or golf competitions within the same school, etc.

Kay Kay has come a very long way to established his confidence.  Minutes before the actual competition, he was sitting there himself quietly reading his book, not aware or do not want to be aware of things happen surrounding him.  A sign of stress, a sign of lack-of-confidence.

I was a bit frustrated then, and immediately asking him to put down his book, and stand beside me to see how other competitors fighting.  This is the first time he takes part in such competitions.  He of course is a bit worried because of things he was warned by his coaches not to do… 1) Immediate disqualification if kick too high hit opponent’s face or head.  2) Immediate disqualification if fell down on the floor 7 times.  3) Immediate disqualification if the mouth guard accidentally dropped to the ground.  Especially the mouth guard, we took long time to get it mould to his teeth.  And It was slightly big for him to bite it.

He asked “What if he did not do well?”  “What if he dropped the mouth guard?”

I explained to him.  It does not matter if he win or lose.  The most important thing is to have fun.  Both daddy or mommy won’t scold him if he lost.

But since we are here, he has to learn to be aware about things happen around him, he cannot simply just sit there and reading his books.  He should be watching how all these competitors fight, how a kick can score 2 points, how you need to always block your chest guard to protect it being kicked by opponents, etc.

He sort of understood what I am saying, and stand beside me to watch the earlier matches.


Teacher Dexter (in black holding Kay’s feet helping him wearing the competition electronic socks) who has trained him in J.H. Kim school was the one who recommend Kay to take part in this event.

I am not a parent who wanted to always sent my kids to competitions.  But after the people there persuasive discussion, I finally, agreed to sign up for the Koko Krunch Junior Taekwondo Competition for both Jay and Kay.

However, due to the weight limit, Jay was overweight, 3KG higher than the ceiling weight.  So, Jay did not get the chance to join in the fun.


Wow, this is the first time we see a Taekwondo competitions.  Every thing is done very professionally.


Both Jay and Kay had joined the competition sparring training for the last 6 weeks.  Although Jay did not get to participate in the competition, but I feel the competition sparring class has grown him quite a bit.


Before the fight, he already gotten this cert for attending the meet.


I know my son, when he is worried.  And this is definitely a worried look.


Let’s warm up and do some training before the fight.


Kay is always very focus when he do his sparring.


Although he is “small size” but the kick is precise.


He was 3 years younger than Jay, but he picked up Taekwondo about 1 year earlier than Jay for his age.


He was a bit happy, less worried because the instructor said this year, they will provide a helmet with protective mask, so they no need to wear that annoying mouth guard.


The before the fight look.


Competition.. 4 courts.


About to enter the court.


Teacher Johnny explaining to him how the competitions works.  How many fights he has to win to enter final.


Coach Johnny need to do a lot of work ya.


Last minute pet talk.


And here is the photo & video galleries.

Match #1

This is the first ever match he has.  He surely does not know what is ahead of him.

So, he lost 1 point because he fell down.


It was amazing.  In his first ever sparring competition, he shows fearless attacking mode.

Both myself and my wife were surprise to see he kick so well.

He not only can kick, the height of the kick is also OK.


After he felt down, and he got the hang of it.  He keep delivering the kick.

Each kick scores him 2 points.


First match, first round.

I think coach Johnny is very please with Kay’s performance.

I am sure that he is telling him that if he score another 5 points when opponent gets nothing, he will be declared the winner by point gaps (20 points).


Start of round 2.

video from second floor.  First match, round 2.

Opponent realised that he is losing a lot of points, so, he tries to kick harder too.

But Kay Kay blocked each kick effectively.


With correct return of kicking.


Left kick then right kick.


and of course, Air kick.


Opponent learned how to block each kick.  so, end of round 2, 20-1.  He needs only 1 more point to seal the deal.


Video of first match, round 3.

video from 2nd floor, first match, round 3.

Another 2 points scored.


26-5.  Point gap win.  Kay Kay beaten the opponent from KTMA.


Happy look.  Happy after the win.  And confident level increased by 100%.


Folks, be there for your kids when there is important event.  Take photo with good camera if possible.  So that you can shoot many photos and videos.

There are 3 camera crew on this day.

Myself shooting pictures from high ground, 2nd floor with high speed capturing.

Jay Jay shooting videos from high ground 2nd floor with iPhone.

My wife shooting videos at ground level in front of the court.

Regardless win or lose, shoot the most beautiful photo shots and show it to the kids.  Remember it.  Make them feel proud.


Match #2

So, first match, he won KTMA’s Rider Lamson Ma.

2nd match, he faced with LK Taekwondo Institute’s Robert Eliot Smith.

and last match, he faced KTMA’s Jeremiah Song.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.28.33 PM.png

2nd match is a fierce match.  Both father are located on the 2nd floor same place shooting high speed photos side by side.

It was a very close fight.


Both got warning from kicking too high.


Both tangled together many times.


Judge awarded a point to opponent, because Kay kick too high.

Coach Johnny protest.


After video reply.  Judge reverse the penalty.  Kay Kay got 1 point back.


Video for match #2, first round.

Video from the 2nd floor for match #2, first round.

Kay started to attack.


Still the match #2, 1st round video after the video reply, protest, etc.

2nd floor video for match #2, ending of 1st round.

After losing many points, Kay Kay started to block.


Opponent’s very fierce attack.


First round of match #2 ended with Kay’s 5-14 trailing behind.


Second round, both side attacked fiercely.


Kay Kay has scored few times using back thrust.


Blocking also works well.  From his focus look, he seems to know what he suppose to do.


2nd round (match #2) video.

Point by point, he collected slowly and trying to get back to the game.


Another back thrust scored.


He narrowed the gap to 5 points gap.  Good work!


Great work out for both kids and both has some sign of tiredness.

When the standard are both very close, the fight gets more interesting.


Kay utilize a jumping kick.


Ah.. he missed.


Their legs keep tangled together.


End or round 2.  The points is 24-16.  So exciting.  Gap is further apart.


Third round, Kay Kay fiercely attacked and got back 5 points.


Another 14 second will end the round 3.  But then, the game suddenly declared halt.

And this is when Kay Kay has chased back 5 points and pull in the gap down to 3 points.



Check out the video.  The match #2, round 3.  The opponent could not control his leg and attack, at the very last moment, he committed a crucial mistake.

The opponent kick too high and hit the chin.  And you can see coach Johnny has stand up and trying to point out the winner.  This is when the judge also saw it and declare opponent disqualification as he kick above the chest protected and hit the head/face/chin.


Opponent coach immediately raised card to protest.

After replaying the video, and viewing again and again (me and Jay can see the judge discussion and reviewing of the video).

Judge finally denied the protest.  And he award the winner to go to Kay Kay.

And Kay Kay won the match even though he is 21-24 trailing behind.  The lesson is you really cannot kick too high, and every single kick must be below the head.

The daddy used to stand beside me, quickly go downstairs.  I can hear he saying “What happen?” “Why he lost?”

And Kay was awarded the winner and he will go into the Final.

Funny thing is, me and my wife didn’t even know that this is the semi-final.  We thought it was quarter final.


2nd Match winner.  of course he is happy.  But you can tell he is also tired liao.

It was a good game.  And a damn good experience.  I enjoy watching the videos over and over again, over two different angle.


Match #3 – The Final

As we come to the final, more pet talk from Coach Dexter.

IMG_1086 2.jpg

I think Dexter trying to tell him his opponent may be quite strong.  Ask him to remember everything he learned.


More questions?  and all answered by Dexter.


The about going into Final “tired” look.  hahaha You can tell from his eyes.


This championship is an eye opener.  Every thing is very high tech.  I didn’t know the chest protector and the socks have sensors on it.  And can be charged.


Welcome to the final.  Can you see me and Jay Jay on the 2nd floor?


Final.  Round #1.

I must say, it is a satisfying round.  #1.

Both kids has demonstrate high quality of kick.  But I can feel that Kay Kay is getting very tired and his steam is losing.


Their legs tangled together.


After round #1, 2-0 trailing behind.  I must say, I enjoyed it.  I think it is a close game again.


Round #2 Final.

Another video.  As you can see, Kay Kay started to make a lot of mistakes.  due to tired.

His reaction is slower.


His kick is not as fast.


He open up too much space for opponent to hit his chest plate.


Wow, opponent father is very loud.

Round 3.  Final.

You can see Kay when he is tired, he cannot focus to send the kick.  From the air kicks you know.

But I think he is having lots of fun.


His points is losing too fast.


Good try Kay Kay.  Good work!


All of us are very proud of you.


Later he found out from Jeremiah from KTMA that this is Jeremiah 3rd time (3rd year) attending this championship.  No wonder.

And this is first time Jeremiah get the Gold.


This is the first time first ever he went up the podium.


He truly earns it.


Here comes the Silver medal.


He is very proud standing there.


Well done boys.


Happy smile.


A big milestone for Kay Kay.


So far he had 6x lessons of competition sparring.

Coach Dexter wants him to continue stay in the Competition sparring class.

And I think he will stay on.  and He will be back.

And I am very sure secretly he has set his target to try to get Gold next time.  But of course, he knows it is based on skill and luck too.  hahaha

IMG_5664 2.jpg

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