Stay Healthy 2018

Date:  Jan 20, 2018

Lately, some friends & relatives fell sick.  This is not those flu, fever kind of sickness.  I am talking about heart attack, cancers, etc.  I think this new 2018 year new resolution for me is to stay healthy.  Keep Fit, eat well, stay active.  And I hope all my friends can do so too.

To stay healthy, of course, it comes some sacrifices.  That means, you try to sleep more, rest more.  Means, you go to bed early.  Then, you will lose time to read news, watch TV-series.  You do 1-2 hours exercise a day, then, it means, you again, lose time on playing games, watching TV again in the morning.  But in my opinion, you got only one life, so, think about it.


This will be my health companion.  Before I walk, I run the app to keep track of everything.  Apple Watch is really useful in my hands.  And I wear it 20-22 hours a day.


I am not joking, I wear it to sleep as well.

It tracks everything.  So, every night before I sleep, I will press the “Lights Off” button on my Auto-Sleep App.  Then, the next day, I check on my quality of sleep.  Wow, achieving 2:14 hours of DEEP SLEEP is very good.  I have more than 5 hours of good quality sleep.


Looking at some of my past records, wow, after I press the “Lights Off” button, I can sleep within 2 minutes.  Cool.  So, everyday you measure what is your quality of sleep.


And the Heart Watch app will keep monitoring my heartbeat.  If during resting, my heartbeat shoots up, then, you know something is not right.


The sky is blue.  The grass is green.  Most importantly, the air is fresh.


So, please stay healthy this year.  And your help is always in your hand.  You are the one to decide what to do with it.  Keep fit, stay healthy.


Let’s check how did I do last week.  OK la, I set my goal at 10,000 steps a day.  So, not too bad.




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