Plucking Rambutan

Date:  July 27, 2014

Within our condo area, there is one of these very few rambutan tree.  Beside the Clementi 6th Avenue side gate.

IMG 7745

The rambutan has grown ripe.  So, it is time for harvesting.

IMG 7748

We need tools.  This is the scissors that tied on the extendable stick.  With rope and simple system to pull and cut.

We need ladder too.

IMG 7780

Let’s get to work!

IMG 7756

So far so good.

IMG 7759

Of course, where ever shorter people cannot reach, taller people will need to come in and do the remaining.

IMG 7763

Kids are waiting below waiting for the fruits to come down.

IMG 7766

More rambutan.

IMG 7772

Kay Kay felt so proud of be part of the plucking team.

IMG 7775

So, what do they learn?

1.  Plucking fruits does not come easy.  It involves hard work.  So, don’t waste food.

2.  Sharing is important.  So the rambutan tree grows within the compound, so, it has to be shared to whoever walk passed, and lastly, majority of it goes to the security counters, sharing it with the cleaners, gardeners and security guards.

3.  Tools to pluck.  Tools to harvest.

4.  Dangerous things involve in the plucking process.  

IMG 7779

It was a fun day.

Not to mention the quality time they spent this morning at our little garden inside the condo too.

IMG 7723

Let the kids dirty their hands, make them plant, and let them learn why it is important.

IMG 7720

They love it.  And they feel great!

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