Kickstarter – ShutterGrip

Date:  Jan 20, 2018

This is my new Kickstarter toy.  It is called ShutterGrip.


Basically you can clip this to almost any phone.


And then, you can pair this ShutterGrip with your iPhone, and then, press the button to take photo.


Of course, you can mount this on the tripod.


What is cool about this is, you can detached the remote unit.  And then, mount the iPhone with the ShutterGrip on the tripod, and then, it served as a remote to take picture with.


It uses the round battery CR-2302.


Battery + sign face up.


One thing I found is it is a bit hard to do a Half-Press to focus.  It can be done, but you end up taking high speed photo.

It is kind of useful.


This is what you get after unboxing.


Another thing I found not good is, you cannot use it with iPhone X.  Because your palm, when holding the iPhone X with the ShutterGrip, will tends to touch the iPhone X screen, and it will activate some thing and put Camera App into background.  So, you will have to go back to run Camera App.  This is because iPhone X is bezel less.  hahaha small matter la.

I most likely will carry this in my camera bag.  But to use or not to use, depends.



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