Pokemon Go – Unown Collections

Date:  Sep 28, 2017

One of the very difficult task for Pokemon Go is to collect the Unown Alphabets.

You cannot complete this task by simply waiting for the Unown to appeared around your area.

To accomplish this, you have to thank Tutu App’s hacked Pokemon Go.  If you do not spoof your GPS, you basically cannot catch these Pokemon.

In addition, you will need to thank IFTTT & sgpokemap.com too as they provide the location of Unown and the alert to tell you where is the Unown appeared in Singapore.


I was having my drink session when this Unown N suddenly appeared.  So, I have to quickly walk to my car to get my hacked Pokemon which is running on my other phone.


Yet, another almost impossible to catch location.  Unown always appear here in the middle of the sea around Jurong Island there.


It is not hard to catch at all.  And I finally got it.

IMG_0600 2.png

That completes my 26 Unown collections.  Yipee…

And since that day until now, I have not touch my Pokemon Go again.  hahahaha until the 3rd Generations come out bah..





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