How You Keep Your Lego Bricks?

Date:  Oct 1, 2017

Previously, I kept all my Lego bricks like this… special pieces keep here…


All coloured pieces are in individual container… like this…


Those you don’t want to dissembled.. you display them.  To keep dust…


The rest of others, just dump those into these containers… like this…


Well, I did it for few years, and I started to think that I made a big mistakes.


  1.  If you keep all these Lego so well organised, you tends to “less” touching it.
  2. Because need to get certain parts from certain containers, sometimes lazy, I don’t want to get those.  So, it actually limit your imagination.
  3. Well, if you cannot see it, you don’t use it.  Less creativity.
  4. It is not portable.  If suddenly, I want to play Lego in my Kids playroom?  cannot, must play here.

So, I think I found a solution.  Amazon got sell these kind of 60″ floor mat where you can make it into a storage space too.  I bought this, and it has arrived today.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.19.01 PM.png

Of course, I also buy this brand which is 2.5 times cheaper.  But not sure quality how.  It has not arrived yet.  Will update and compare the quality when it comes next time.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.19.34 PM.png

Let’s try it out and see how much Lego pieces it can keep.


OK, that should be half of it.  The other half need to wait for the other to arrive.


Let’s tie it up.


And here you go.  Easy to transport.  You can bring it to the bedroom, or the living room, or the study room, etc etc.  Very easy to portable.  Behind got backpack straps.


And it save spaces too.  And once you put every Lego pieces there, you only look into one place for building the Lego.  What you see is what you use to build the Lego thingy.

I ordered this last week, one of them arrived today.  And It actually sent from US to my Singapore address.  And it is Free Delivery (for Prime Member).  Wow, that is cool!


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