Time Zones – Arcade Centre

Date:  Sep 24, 2017

“Addiction” is a word all kids should be learning, to learn what is it and how to handle addiction.  It is best not to avoid it.

There are all kinds of addiction.  In our modern world, an example is:

  • iPhone / iPad addiction
  • Game addiction

In the wrong run, hopefully, when the kids has grown up slowly, they understand the word better, they learned from young how to handle addiction and will avoid those bad habit such as alcoholic addiction, gambling addiction, drugs addiction, and so on.  It is best not to touch.

So for me, this year, I started to bring them into the Time Zones arcade center.

We have been upgraded to blue elite cards.  hahaha  Jay and Kay has their own cards, and that card is with me all the time.  Because impromptu, we can drop by any Time Zones arcade centre as we wish.


It is surprising that there is a lot of things you can teach the kids.

Hey, use the card, pay money, and play the games, and you get all these tickets.  And ticket exchange for things.

Wow, looks how similar it is with the real life Casino gambling.  You win chips.

But the first thing to remember and to teach is, hey, you need to pay or top up money so that your blue cards has credit to play.

And how much you top up each time?  Let’s say I top up $50 each time, make them calculate how many days of $2.50 per day pocket money they need to safe in order to top up this $50?  It’s 20 days.

And explain to them, money does not come easy.  You have to earn it.


They just love the kick of it.  Win tickets and then scan all the tickets and credit it back to your blue card.

What kind of games you should play?

After a few weeks, they have already learned, some games are money eating machine.  Means, the chances of winning is low.

They also learned some games is hard earn machines, where you need to spent a lot of energy to win a lot of tickets physically.  Like the basketball, the throwing the ball games.

But explain to the kids, those are the games that has a lot of interactions and fun and laughter.  Although you won’t get a lot of tickets, but you sweat and you have exercise.  More healthy.

There are surprisingly a lot of games with low winning chances.  And they can eat up your credit very fast.


Our of the two brother, Kay is the one that is more addict to the arcade centre then Jay.  That is why Kay’s credit is fast running out each time.  But then, I introduce the rule that if you finish $25 that trip, that’s it.  No more top up.  So, that they will learn how to precious their credits, spent the time more on those long durable game to have fun.


Got one time, I won a jackpot bonus from a game.  I won’t few thousands credits.  So, they every time play that games to try to win the jackpot too.  You think it is so easy meh?

So, they spent $10, $20, $30, etc get nothing.

This is where you teach them the probabilities, the chance of winning, and most importantly, “You cannot always win!!!!!”

With the combination of teaching, learning, spending, etc… My kids nowadays become quite savvy.  Jay will play only games that will have higher chance.  And he is more conservative.  I still need to work on Kay a bit.  But slowly, he will get the idea.

I also explained to them.  When they grow up, they will have all the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do.  They will start making friends.  And when they do, friends will invite them to arcade centre.

Sometimes there might go to Internet Cafe to play games.

Sometimes these are not good friends, it could be bad friends. I said “if they say you are chicken and pok pok pok pok, and scare of doing this and that…” then, you tell them these are the friends you will try to avoid.

Because the same friends who “force” you to do something, and if you don’t do, they laugh at you, try to hurt your self-esteem, etc.  These are the friends that is not good in nature.  So, should try to avoid them.

A true friend will not make you do things, they will respect you.  So, by learning these values, I think it will be easier for them to learn how to choose friends when they step into the secondary school, university or even the society.

What if they force you and try to hurt you, bully you?  Well, I told them, who has the poom belt, why I sent both to learn Taekwondo, to learn how to self defence.

Hopefully, they will learn when they are young and choose their friends wisely.

Every time after we visited the Time Zones, I will ask them repeatedly, “Are you a game addict?”  “Who is the game addict?”  Sort of a post mortem, to remember what games we played just now, how much we spent, and why we should do this and not that.. etc.




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