Jay Passed His 3rd Grade Piano

Date:  Sep 23, 2017

Today, Jay Jay receive his certificate for passing Grade 3 Piano.


I think he did OK la.  At least he did not failed it.  Hahaha


so, I talk reason and gave him a choice.

Option 1:  Continue on.  But he needs to commit to it, needs to practice every day.

Option 2:  He can stop there.  And move on.

Jay Jay after thinking about it… just like Violin like that, he choose option 2.  Now he has more time at home to do things he wanted to do.

In my opinion, it is important to let the kids decide what they want to do.  If they really don’t like the class, I think it is best to give it up.  Jay wanted to take grading in his piano class.  And he sees a lot of hardwork needed to be in.  And he simply does not have the time.  Kay Kay will keep learning without grading.  Kay Kay choose not to go for any grading.  So, he happily playing the piano.  But I also tell Kay Kay, he still need to practice every single day at least for 10-20 minutes on each songs.


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