Children’s Day Game

Date:  Aug 29, 2017

This year, we have to come up with new game.

So, I have been tasked by PSG to make a new game such as this Labyrinth Maze.


So, get a $2 plastic tray from Daiso, and a few sticks from Art’s Friend… plus the super glue… and here we go to design the game.


Of course, I have helping hand at home to do this.

They feel proud that they participated in designing and making the game.

IMG_5735.jpgLast year, we made this Pokemon Ball.


Last year, when I created this, we spent a lot of time on it…


Of course this year we also recycle this game, a very popular one indeed.


Even my son Jay Jay played so many times.


OK, let’s talk about the Maze game…

The marbles are too heavy.  So, I found this beautiful necklace.

And wala… bye bye necklace.


And these “balls” from the necklace can really roll.  haha


The thing about plastic tray and wooden stick is… they don’t match.  So, better use a heavy thingy to make it firm after applying the super glue.

IMG_5726 2.JPG

Too light.  must use something more substantial weight.  ya, banana.


It’s hard work…

Can you imagine that I cannot unlock my iPhone for a few days because all my finger prints are destroyed?


Aiya, the stick is too shallow, the balls can actually run over the stick walls.. haha so, we need to reinforce, make it higher.. Jay… zuo kang…

And it is completed.  A bit ugly, but it is fun ya.


Beta testing the maze.

We made another one.


All together, we have 3 sets.


Let’s see on the actual day, what happen…

Very focus playing it…


All eyes on the ball…_DSF2122.jpg

Get the hang of it…


Don’t go to the wrong place…


Again, very focus, eyes on the ball…


So it is a successful game.


Happy Children Day!



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