Children’s Day Carnival – Sumobots

Date:  Oct 4, 2017

Don’t play play.

On the Pei Tong Primary School Children’s Day, one of the PSG member, bring in this game.

SumoBot.  It is like the battle bots.  Where two robots remotely controlled by the kids and try to wrestle each other and push each other out of the battle zone.


The kid have to learn a few simple control keys on the remote control.  Turn left, turn right, go forward and go backward and spin of course.


Very simple rule.


So, you bang the robot and try to push the other robot out of this black circle.


Hey, this is not only for boys ya..  Welcome the girl player…


Let’s see the SumoBot in action…

Of course, the SumoBots are configured to have lower speed.  It is not competition level.  hahaha  But still very fast.

Kids are having fun…

Again… and come back from losing to win… hahaha

The girl player in action.  Fun!

The government encourage kids to be geeky.

With this kind of exposure we can move our country to Smart Nation.  hahaha


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