Kids Coding – Minecraft Mods Day 3

Date:  Sep 9, 2017

And yes, we completed yet another programming course.  We can now program a Minecraft mods to our liking, and play at home using our iMac.  Yeah!

This is day 3 of a 3 days Minecraft Modding Course.  It is also a presentation day.  When you joined the Saturday Kids class, the make the children to do presentation to present what they have learned and what they have done in their project to the parents and their friends.


You guess from their facial expression, then, you should know they love this course so much.


There are 5 students in this class.  One girl, and four boys.  The youngest is Kay Kay (8), and the eldest is Jay Jay (11).  The rest are all 9 years old.

The forth student to present is Kay Kay.

The beginning of the presentation is not that easy, because he kept looking at the paper he wrote down what to say.  Hahaha, and I think with very limited time to prepare, he is not so confident in presenting it.

However, the when the teacher ask him to talk about what mod he has changed to his Minecraft, that is when, you see the lights in his eyes.  And he actually explained it quite well of the game play.

Good job Kay Kay!

The last one to present is Jay Jay.

Jay did very well.  He log into Code Kingdom for the past two night to learn new stuff, and try to come up with his own “from the scratch” mod.  And he managed to make lots of changes.  Teacher likes his learning attitude.

So, the mod he comes up with is there are a lot of lucky blocks where you can use your pix axe to break.  And each lucky block can give you different power.  Some good some bad.  So, he made the game play fun, because you can always go and try your luck by cracking the lucky block.  hahaha the later part of the videos actually shows his work.

The “goddess” who make the mod to make herself become “god mode”.  Means, cannot die.  hahaha Because I think the boys are quite good, so, she has to become “god mode” to play with the boys.  hahaha


So at the end, the kids demonstrated the game play, the mod, by actually playing against all the rest of the students.  Each one has 1 life, and 6 arrows.  And you just have to search and kill the rest.  The last one standing wins!!!

I think the kids are really having lots of fun in this course.

Before I sign up the course, I actually worry what will they learn from the course.  Will it be too hard for them?  It turns out that it is a fun course for them.




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