Kids Typing

Date:  Sep 10, 2017

I am so grateful to Saturday Kids teacher who taught Jay & Kay Minecraft modding course just few days back.


The first day, the teacher gave out a comment, “the whole class are sucks at type writing!”.  He explained to the kids that the students in the class does not know how to type well.

And he mentioned if you cannot type, you don’t know where is the letter/alphabet located in the keyboard layout, then, you will be slow down by that.  Write codes will be slow, game play will be slow.


So, the kids wanted to learn typing well because of that.


I bought a simple program for them to learn typing.  The app is called “Master of Typing for Kids Pro”.  It is very simple app.  But it keep tracks of your progress.  And will make sure you do faster and faster so that you can improve from 70cpm to 190cpm (character per minute).


You know last time we learn using the type writer.  So, I got this type writer type of feel keyboard for Jay to try.  And he loves it.  Hahaha.


I only hope that they keep on typing and some how by next year they can improve the cpm to fast level.



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