Kids Coding – Minecraft Mods Day 1 & 2

Date:  Sep 8, 2017

I think it is a good thing for kids to learn how to code.  Both Jay and Kay has learned coding on Scratch, Lego MindStorm, Swift, etc.  This time, they are going to write Minecraft Mods in Code Kingdom using blocks programming and Java scripts.


The took the 3-day course from Saturday Kids.


They love to play Minecraft.  But what if you can write your own codes to modify the Minecraft game play to your liking?


Day 1:  So, when you left click, you shoot eggs, and sometimes eggs will hatch into small chicken as your weapon.  And when you right click you can shoot dragon breathe.

Day 2:  They modify the game play.


I am impressed.  They now play against each other.  With only 6 arrows and 1 live.

Let’s see how this is done…

Let Jay run thru the codes he program in code kingdom.  These are actually blocks and then it will be converted to java scripts and run the mod.

Jay explain the game play.

Now, running multi-player mode.

Its fun watching them play.


The game play looks familiar.  Just like last time the Doom, or Duke Nukem like that.  haha

I didn’t get to play online multiplayer games until I am 20 years old.  Nowadays the kids are so lucky.

So, tomorrow will be Day 3, and they will present their work and invention (Minecraft mod) to the parent tomorrow.  Let’s see what these two will come up with.  haha



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