Badminton – Fun Competitions

Date:  Jan 18, 2017

Today, Pei Tong Primary School will be facing Queenstown Primary School.

They have lost the match to Holy Innocents on Tuesday 2-3.

I always teach my son to always put a big smile on his face.  And have fun playing the game.  So, not too competitive, got a little bit aim, and make sure have lots of fun.


There is a slight change in roaster today.  Shu Han will be playing the first single.  And he won!  Pei Tong up by 1-0.


It’s Jay & his partner, Aiden’s turn next.


This is the second match for this new pair.  Let’s see how they do.


They have quite a successful play.

Still learning, Jay’s smash now has a lower angle, a better smashing experience.

They started to learn the way, covering each other front and back.  Nice.

One of the key comment I have for them is not to commit too many unforced error.  This time round is the opponent making lots of mistakes.  So, there are quite a lot of easy points.

They seeing the opponents keep throwing easy points away, and making the unforced errors.  So, they must learn not to do it themselves in order to stay in the game.

And finally, a second victory to this duo.  21-6, 21-6.  Pei Tong is up by 2-0.

Here comes Jay’s buddy playing the 2nd single.


He too had a great game today.  His smash is working.

The team cheering…

The game getting heat up…

Nice point.

He is on fire.

And another unforced error from opponent.  And Pei Tong now is 3-0 up.

The second double Wei En and Ryan, first they lost a set, then came back to take 2 sets and Pei Tong is 4-0 up.  The third single Arraf makes it 5-0 for their first victory in their division.

My other comments are here.

  1. I told the students they must thank the girls in their class.  Because the girls team had won 5-0 earlier.  So, their girls classmates started to give peer pressures to them.  “Why you all so lousy, lost the game?” hahahaha You know la, children is like that.  They cannot take it, so they have this extra fire to burn and hence they go all the way to win the second match 5-0.
  2. The next game won’t be easy.  Vs. River Valley. River Valley defeated Queenstown 4-1.  So, their standard should be quite similar to Pei Tong.  So, the Pei Tong boys will need to work even harder.
  3. All the kids have adapts the playing.  The more they play the more they will gain the experience.  As long as they do not commit so much unforced error, then, it should be fine.
  4. Good luck on next Tuesday game vs. River Valley.

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