Jay can Cook – Another Chicken Rice

Date:  Nov 26, 2016

If you remember seeing these… This is the previous recipes from Jay Liew…



Today, Jay Jay learned a new skill, and cooked a different type of chicken rice.

Today, we watched two movies at Suntec city.  Yeah, Fantasic Beast & Pokemon movies.

And we passed by Shermay’s store again, and we bought this new Ginger Garlic Sauce.

So, let’s see what he can do with it.


Step 1.  Prepare and cook the rice.  So, he is cooking 3 cup of rice.


Our domestic helper taught him to wash the rice 2 times.  Actually, no need la.  1-time enough.  hahaha


Step 2.  Prepare and wash the chickens.  Today, he is using 3 chicken tights.   So, after washing it, he cuts the chicken.


Wow.. he actually improved his knife skills.

Step 3.  Add Shermay’s Ginger Garlic Sauce into the rice pot.  Add 4-5 tea spoonful.

Never done this before, let’s try la.  Being a chef is like this, you must willing to try out and test every thing.


Adding the Ginger Garlic Sauce.

Make sure you stir it well.

Step 4. Let’s add Lap-Cheong (Chinese Sausages).


OK..  Cut the chinese sausages.  His knife cutting skill is improving, and can be improved further too.  Everything thick is OK for beginner cook ya… hahaha

But most important thing, you have to let them try.  Of course, teach them properly too.

OK.  After cutting the sausages.  Add them into the rice pot.


Must stir also.  So that lap-cheong is well distributed in the rice.

Step 5.  Add in the chicken.  Just place nicely on top.  No need to stir it or mix it.  Just put on top nicely.

He is so happy to cook this dish for 5 person today.




15 minutes later (depending on your rice cooker).

Let’s open the rice cooker.

Amazing…  Smell nice.  And I can tell you taste very nice too.


Stir it.  And then, let it warm in the rice cooker for another 5 minutes or so.


It’s time to eat!


My goodness.  Nice.. Yum yum!


Take a look at the meet inside.  It is vapour watery.  Nice.


Don’t forget to eat with this.


From Shermay.


Kay Liew just quietly eating the meal.


So, you can see from the above steps, it is quite easy to cook this.  Simply place the chicken inside the rice pot and cook with rice with ginger and garlic sauce.  That’s simple.

Tonight meals is cooked by Jay Liew!  Yeah!

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