Jay can Cook -BBQ Chicken & Steamy Chicken

Date:  Oct 30, 2016

Today, Jay said he wants to learn how to cook 白斩鸡 (Steam Chicken).

So, we went to the super market to get the Quarter Chicken.  And Jay will cook two dishes at the same time under my guidance.  Wahahahahahaha

So, my son is not only geeky, but he can cook!  hahaha

Steamy Chicken


  • 1x chicken leg
  • Chinese cooking wine (white)
  • Chinese Shao Xing Hua Diao cooking wine (绍兴花雕酒)
  • pinch of salt
  • green onions
  • a bit of soya sauce
  1. Wash the chicken softly.


2. This is the Chinese cooking wine we used.  Pour the cooking wine into the pot so that it covers the chicken in half only.  (yes, half of the chicken leg is exposed)


3. Since the chicken is in the pot with the cooking wine.  Slowly massage the chicken with the cooking wine.  Cover the chicken with the cooking wine.


4.  Put a little bit of salt and evenly spread on the chicken skin.


5.  Next, we need some onion.  Cut away the top part, only used the bottom part.


Wash it and place the green onion on top of the chicken. (or beside of the chicken)


6.  put a few drops of soya sauce.


7.  That’s it!  No other thing.  (as you can see, we do not have enough white cooking wine, later you will see the result.)


8.  Close the cover.  Turn on slightly BIG fire.  (not maximum).  Start timer for 8 minutes. (For kids, you need to discipline them).  Yup… we cook from cold to hot.


9.  I am using Amway’s iCook pot.  So, roughly about 8 minutes later, the pot cover should be able to “spin” because of the vapours seal effect.  Do not open cover!!!

10.  Turn to minimum fire and cook for another few minutes (until the cover can spin again!).  Then, turn off fire.  And this is your steam chicken.


11.  Just to make sure it is cooked.  Use a small toothpick and poke the chicken deep into the bone.  Observe to see if there are any blood come out.


12.  Slowly take the steam chicken out from the pot.

Very happy to see his very first chicken dish.  He was a bit surprise that cooking steam chicken is so easy.  Next is the secret…


13.  So, you need Shao Xing Hua Tiao cooking wine.


Pour some Hua Diao cooking wine on to the steam chicken.


The reason is to make the chicken got even more chinese wine taste.  We love it.


14.  Another pinch of salt and evenly spread over the steam chicken.

15.  Transferer it to another small plate (clean one).  And then, pour some of the Hua Diao wine over it from the previous plate.


16.  Cut some green onions.

First chicken dish is the steamy chicken.


It looks damn good!  And I am very sure it taste very nice.  Later we will ask mommy to be the judge.


We don’t like the kitchen to become messy messy.  So, he mess up the pot, burn a little at the bottom, so he has to clean and wash it.

BBQ Chicken


  • salt
  • soya sauce
  • white pepper
  • Green onions
  • Meat marinade, BBQ sauce or Hoi Sin (Seafood) sauce, etc.
  • baking paper that you can use to wrap the chicken and put it in microwave.
  • 1x Chicken leg
  1.  Firstly, you need to look for the baking paper.


2.  We need to find the nice Char Siew or BBQ sauce.  I used this one.  I forgot where I bought it.  But I am sure can find.


3.  Then, you sort of marinade the chicken with this sauce.  Use both hands.  Gently massage the sauce onto the chicken.


4.  Place the chicken onto the baking paper.  And place them on a plate that you can heat up in the microwave.

Spread some Sarawak white pepper onto the chicken.


5.  Use another piece of baking paper to cover it.  Don’t seal so tight.  Make sure you let some gap so that the chicken can breathe.


6.  There you go.  Usually, the longer you marinade the chicken the taste will be best.  Since today is a demo, so, we will do it fast.


7.  Place the whole thing into the microwave.


8.  8 minutes of high power should do the trick.


9.  OK, depends on the coldness of your chicken.  If you just bought the chicken fresh from the super market then, 8 minutes should be enough.  Otherwise, give another 1-2 minutes extra.

This is my BBQ chicken.


10.  This is a bit like oily soya sauce chicken.  But looks good.  Again, it should taste good too.


How’s the Taste?

So, let both Mommy and Kay Kay taste the chicken first.

Mommy only complaint is too much cooking wine for the steamy chicken.  But she seems likes it.

As for Kay, he is picky on food.  But he likes it.

The, it is Jay’s turn to eat his own dish.

And Jay says “Yum Yum!” to the BBQ chicken.

And he also say “yum yum” on the steam chicken.  🙂

But to my surprise is Kay Kay come back for more.


As for me… The sauce is nice, meet is tender, and it is nice.


As for the steam chicken, it is just perfect.  There is no blood in red color.


Eat the chicken using the most primitive way.  Use hand!


And very surprisingly, Kay Kay eats his food cooked by him.


Final Thoughts

As you can see.  Cooking is not hard.  As long as you know what to do, you can always be the chef.  Today, chef Jay served the Luncheon Meat Omelette in the morning.  And he cooked two Chicken dishes in the afternoon.  That is first time cooking this chicken dish.

As long as you have the correct tool, and some knowledge, it is easy to cook.

If you are interested in the iCook, go look for people who is selling from Amway.  (I am not, so don’t look for me!)  hahahaha

below is some old links about iCook and how to cook using it.



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