Jay can Cook – Pork Leg Bee Hoon

Date:  Nov 12, 2016

Here is how I taught Jay to cook Pork Leg Bee Hoon.  Or simply call it “Bee Hoon”.

It does not require one to “Char” (stir fry) the bee hoon.

Instead, we “men” (闷米粉) or braise the bee hoon with pork leg.

Here is how it was done.

  1.  Apply a layer of sesame oil.  Use a paper tower to cover the whole wok.  Yeap, we using the amazing Amway iCook.


2.  Put in the cabbage.  Depends on how much you want.  We usually put half of a cabbage.


3.  If you have french green beans, then, put it there.  What will happen is the sauce or chicken stocks will braise these veggie soft and nice.


4.  You can add the onions and garlic too.  He forgot to place it in first, but it does not matter as we are not frying it.  So, simply place it in the wok.


5.  Here comes his favourite.  Placing the luncheon meat, lap cheong, etc.

As you can see how easy to prepare this dish.  All he does is to place all the ingredient inside.

6.  Very important ingredient.  2 cans of Braised Pork Leg.  Just pour everything on it.

7.  And the chicken stocks.  All these can be bought from NTUC.  Put 1.5 packet or 2 packet is fine.

8.  Lastly, if you want your bee hoon a bit browny color, add the thick soya sauce.  Then, put in some abalone sauce or oyster sauce.  (not too much).  Pepper, a bit or soya sauce, etc.

Ah….. too much Jay!!! The color of the bee hoon will be quite dark browny.

Thats it.  Turn on the gas and medium fire.  Let it cook for 8-12 minutes.  Until the Amway’s iCook start to form the vapour seal and the cover of the wok can be spin.

9.  The technology in this wok is, if the vapour seal is form, and you are able to spin the cover, that means your food inside the wok has already cooked.

Take note, Jay did not do anything, but simply cook from cold to hot.

Turn down the fire.

10.  Let’s take a look, how it is the bee hoon.  As you can see, all the dark sauce are un-evenly spread.  It looks like this before cook and it will look the same after cook.

Ya Jay, of course is you who is going to stir it.

11.  All he has to do is to stir the bee hoon, up side down and inside out.  Until the sauce make the color of the bee hoon even.  See, how easy is that?

The vapour is a bit hot.  hahahaha

12.  Then, you cover it, let it cook for further 4-6 minutes using small fire.  And let’s check it out again.  First check, if the cover can spin?  If yes, means, the second stage steaming and braising is done.

Looks yummy indeed.  And the iCook never fail delivering this delicious bee hoon.

13.  So, the last step which is very important, the chef has to taste what he has cooked.

And I am glad that he recognise that it taste good.  See I told, simple to cook, and will never fail.

Very lovely indeed.

The first Braise Pork Leg Bee Hoon cooked by Jay.

Usually, I will cook some omelette egg and put on top of it.  So that one may be next time.


And don’t forget to put the chilli aside.  hahaha Our favourite Hay bee Hiam.

Like I said, a bit dark because he put a bit too much thick soya sauce.  hahaha


Thanks for cooking dinner for us Jay!


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