Jay can Cook – Shermay Meat Marinade

Date:  Nov 13, 2016

I have no clue where I bought this Shermay’s meat marinade.


So, last week, when Jay asked me to teach him how to cook chicken dish, I searched through my kitchen and found this marinade sauce.


So, I taught him how to marinade the chicken, why we need to marinade it, how long it is best to marinade, etc.

And then I taught him how to wrap it with cooking paper, and microwave it for 10 minutes.


As a result, you have a “Char Siew” BBQ chicken (not charcoal burned).  And of course, the young Kay Kay smell the good food, and wanted to taste it.  And he likes it.

As you know it is very hard to get Kay Kay to like any food.

He actually asked if KoKo (Jay) can cook this every day for him.


He himself could not believe the BBQ chicken is so good.

Every since that day, he has cooked this 3 times.  Hahahaha.


Unfortunately, I told him that I forgot where I bought this marinade sauce.

So, yesterday, after their Taekwondo sparring lesson, we take a walk at Suntec City (Tower 3 & 4 shopping area ground floor just beside the escalator going up to the first floor).  Jay pointed out to me at a “stall” and say, “Daddy, the marinade sauce”.

He not only spotted the marinade sauce, but he also found Shermay Lee.  If you remember many years ago, I went to learn how to cook steaks and beef dish from Chef Patrick at the Shermay cooking school at Holland Village.

Yeap!  That is Shermay’s cooking school.  Unfortunately, she has closed down the cooking school and go into food manufacturing business.  She told us that this marinade sauce is her family recipe that has all sort of sauce in it.

And it is one of the fast selling product.


I told her, I bought this for my boy.

And she was surprise that Jay knows how to cook.  hahaha and become a big fan of her sauce.

Unfortunately,  she only left with 1 bottle at the stall, and there is a expiry date.  So, she only charged me half price for it.  I think I got it at $5.50 (original price I think is $11).


So, you can guess, yesterday dinner is prepared by who?

This is one of the additional dish.  Yeap, the 10-minute microwave BBQ chicken.  Or you can call it Char Siew chicken.  Or Shermay’s Microwave Chicken.


Marinade it for 20min or until half day also can.


Again, I bought him a proper cooking paper.  Instead of using those cake baking paper.  hahaha

And he wrapped the chicken carefully and nicely.

Nicely done.

Oh, I know, you can called it paper wrapped chicken too.  纸包鸡.


And let’s sent it to the microwave.

After 10 minutes.


The other one.  It looks great and it taste great too.


So, I told him, next time, when you come back from school, you can cook this yourself instead of cooking maggie mee.  hahahaha


A happy kid learning how to cook.

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