Robotics Fun!

Date:  Nov 12, 2016

Let’s check it out what they have created in the last few robotics lessons…

Both my kids learned Robotics since P1 until now at Wonder Works @ Liang Court.  And amazingly, especially for Jay, after 4 years, they have not repeat any projects.  Jay must have done almost 160 projects in the past 4 years.  Hahahaha

Even Kay has completed his 1st year learning the Lego mindstorm.


These are some of the exciting projects they have done for the past few months.  They not only having a lot of fun, they are also learning.  Learning the concept, the logic and solving problems too.

Candy Vending Machine

Failed demo from Jay.

Kay demo his successful model.  Put the coin in, sense the coin and dispense the candies.  Cool project.

Jay’s one is more complicated.  $1 coin get you 1 candy.  But if you perform certain task, you will be rewarded with 2 candies with $1.  hahaha So, he placed more logic in it.

And it printed “Have a good day” on the screen.

Kids having lots of fun!


Robotics Arm (1 week ago)

Finally, I see a robotics arm.

Robotics is a future of man kind.  But please don’t create “Sky-Net”.  hahaha


Golf Swinging Machine

You swing the golf club at the paper ball, and that paper ball must go into the hole.  Cool project.  Ya, I have to use slow-mo to capture each golf swing.

Here is another one.  The kids are having lots of fun!

Here is Kay’s turn.


Fork Lift Truck

The fork lift truck function is to go get the crates and move it to the other side.


Caterpillar? & the Fighting Machine

I don’t know what is this.  Looks like one of the Star Wars battle droids.  hahaha But looks great!

Jay and Conrad using the fighting machine to punch and guard.


Electrical Piano and Complicated Safety Box

You have the song color code.  So, each color represent a node.  And then, feed the song code to the machine, (color sensor), it plays music.  Oh Cool!!!  This is Kay’s project.

Jay Jay build a safety box with complicated password protection.  hahaha


Ferris Wheels

Based on the different type of tickets, color code, you can sit in the worlds most craziest ferris wheels.  If you have a children ticket, the wheels will turn slowly.  If you are an adult and scan the adult tickets, your ferris wheels will be a nightmare.  hahahaha


Scorpion Racer

Build a scorpion and race with each other.


Search and Attach Catapult

I like this one.

The bots will move and once they found the target, and start to shoot at the target.


Arm Wrestling

An arm wrestling robot.


Another Caterpillar

Caterpillar movement.


Gorilla swing

A gorilla keep swinging.


Remote Control

A remote control robot.



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